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Get a mentor

Get a mentor


Be updated on this site - or in the Facebook group Aarhus BSS Career International. We plan to re-launch the programme in 2020.

Are you interested in individual career and study-related guidance and input from a dedicated mentor? Are you interested in gaining unique insight into corporate life?   

Aarhus BSS Mentor100 is for master students at Aarhus BSS. You will have your own mentor, and you will be matched based on shared values, desired conversation topics and professional fields. During a period of 9 months you will have approx. 7 individual meetings with your mentor. You initiate the meetings, and you set the agenda.  

There are 100 spots in the programme. 

Why should I get a mentor?

  • You will have your own personal mentor for 9 months 
  • Your mentor creates a space for reflection concerning your future work life 
  • Your mentor guides you and shares knowledge about corporate life
  • It is a great networking opportunity
  • You will have an opportunity to meet other mentors and mentees
  • Your mentor can support you in the transition from study life to your first job

How can I get a mentor?

To become a mentee you must meet the following demands:

  • You are a master student at Aarhus BSS
  • You want to engage in a professional mentor relationship
  • You participate in the Aarhus BSS Mentor100 kickoff-day in February-March 2019
  • You prioritise 6-7 individual meetings with your mentor in March-December 2019 
  • You are willing to set the agenda for the meetings with your mentor

Who is the mentor?

  • Your mentor is an alum/former student from Aarhus BSS with a work experience of minimum 2 years
  • Your mentor is an objective discussion partner
  • Your mentor is dedicated to give back by offering to share his/her time and experiences with you
  • You and your mentor will be matched on the basis of your shared values, desired conversation topics and professional fields 

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