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Youth Goodwill Ambassador Corps


We encourage our international students to join the Youth Goodwill Ambassador Corps – a nationwide Danish development programme and network for young global talents. 

The programme connects international students from all over the world with business leaders, cultural frontrunners and academic scholars in Denmark, while offering a high level of professional experience in a fun and social environment. Selected students will be awarded the honorary title of Youth Goodwill Ambassador. In return, we ask you to act on a voluntary basis as a goodwill ambassador in order to promote Denmark as an attractive study and future career destination. 


The Youth Goodwill Ambassador Corps offers:

  • A global goodwill network  
  • A unique talent development programme
  • Communication and social media training 
  • Round table discussions with business leaders
  • Face-to-face meetings with cultural front-runners
  • Professional and social experiences 
  • A head start to your future caree

"The program has provided me with an insightful 'hands-on' look into the social, political and cultural foundations of Denmark. It has single-handedly enriched my international exchange and has helped me grow both personally and professionally. Ultimately the youth ambassador corps is the best way to integrate oneself into Danish culture, while building a social network of like-minded individuals from all across the globe. I would highly recommend this experience to anyone, and would do it again if I could."

- Michael Romaniuk, Canada

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