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Student introduction

Welcome to Aarhus University

On this page you will find practical information regarding your new degree programme or course at Science and Technology.

Introduction meeting

We would like to invite all new Agricultural and Food Science students to an introduction day on Thursday August 23rd, 2018. In addition, we are hosting voluntary IT workshops on Friday August 24th.


Program for Thursday August 23rd

8:30: Welcome to Science and Technology, by Vice Dean Finn Borchsenius. Auditorium E (1533-103)

9:30: Meet your new classmates and programme coordinators. Room 1521-322.

11:00: Guided tour of the campus. The program ends for Danish students.

11:30: The rest of the regular program for international students, starting with lunch.

Location: Ny Munkegade 120, 8000 Aarhus C.


Program for Friday August 24th

We host 3 IT workshops aimed at students who need an introduction to various AU IT systems. Participation is voluntary.

9:00 IT workshop 1

10:00 IT workshop 2

11:00 IT workshop 3

Location: Room 1521-318. Each workshop has rooom for 14 students, who must register at the meeting on Thursday August 23rd, or by room 318 later.

The teaching will start on Monday August 27th. Please see more on the pages below.

Class schedules

The class schedules are still in the process of being worked out, but can be viewed here once ready (in August): Your enrolments. You will need your student number for this page.

Please note that Aarhus University traditionally operates with something called the “academic quarter of an hour”. This means that classes scheduled e.g. between 9 and 10 actually start at 9:15. This usually only applies for teaching hours, and only for the first hour of a multi-hour class.

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