History, Global and Area studies

Internships in various ways

The specific requirements for the duration and content of the project placement (internship) are described in the academic regulations of your degree programme.

Approval of your project placement/internship and how to find an academic supervisor

Your internship is approved by completing the project agreement (use the form “Arts Project Agreement”)

The project agreement must be approved and signed by your internship supervisor or the departments assigned project coordinator

Students at International and Global History

Approval of the project agreement: project coordinators Karen Gram-Skjoldager and Nina Javette Koefoed

Internship- and thesis supervisor: Your application for thesis supervisor will also work as your application for internship supervisor. Unless you have a specific request, the thesis supervisor assigned to you, will also function as internship supervisor. If you want a different internship supervisor, please state it clearly on your application form.

Students at Global and Area Studies

Feel free to contact one of the full-time lecturers at the institute. Your email must contain information about where you have been offered an internship and about the content of the internship. 

Project paper

The internship finishes with a project paper. You find the requirements (number of pages etc.) of the paper in the academic regulations of your degree programme.

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