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Exam timetables

Below you will find information about your upcoming exams – both ordinary exams and re-examinations, as well as both oral and written exams.

The examination period for oral exams will be published well in advance, but the final date and time will only be published no later than a week before the first specific oral examination takes place.

The examination schedules must be approved by the course instructor and the board of studies, which means that they will be available online on an ongoing basis as they are prepared and approved. The humanities electives and profile courses have separate exam schedule sites in the search below. 



Here is some information about digital exam submissions, exam plans, re-examinations and useful shortcuts.

Digital Exams

Read more about digital exams (DE)

Almost all our exams are conducted using the digital exam system. 

This includes take-home written assignments of all kinds (including those followed by an oral exam), as well as exams requiring classroom participation and oral exams.

This means that:

  • Exam assignments must be submitted via the DE system.
  • Exam questions are distributed via the DE system.
  • You must submit assignments in PDF format.
  • You must submit assignments before 14.00 (2 pm).
  • It is always your responsibility to submit your assignments before the deadline. The submission of your assignment in the DE system is not complete until you receive the message “Your hand-in has been received”. So we recommend that you upload and submit your assignment well in advance of the deadline for submission. Assignments that are submitted too late will not be assessed.
  • Students who are registered for an exam will receive an email informing them that their exam has been posted in the DE system. This email will be sent to the address ( no later than one week before the exam starts.
  • Please check your academic regulations to find out whether your exam is an individual or group exam.
  • Oral exams will be announced (including the order in which students are examined and the time and place) in the DE system.

On-site exams

Some on-site exams are also conducted digitally. Your exam plan shows you whether your on-site exam is digital.

Guidelines and logging in to the DE system 

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