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Exam - Erasmus Mundus

Here is some information about digital exam submissions, exam plans, re-examinations and useful shortcuts.

Digital exams at Arts

Digital Exams

The Digital Exams system is used at Arts for both set take-home assignments and take-home assignments on a topic of the student’s own choice, including assignments followed by an oral exam, as well as oral exams, class participation, written on-site exams and Master’s theses.

Remember to always check your exam timetable, where you will find information about the time and place for your course exams.
You will receive a notification email in your AU Mail when your exam has been activated in the Digital Exams system. You can see your AU Mail on (same login as

Exam dates and schedule for oral exams

for Erasmus Mundus

Summer exam 2018 - Exam dates incl. re-exam dates

Please note that changes may occur.

Winter Exam 2018- 2019 incl. re-exam

Exam plan for Erasmus Mundus Winter 2018 - 2019


Please note that changes may occur.



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