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News and Events


2019.09.04 | Education

Change of class

Between 1 and 15 September you have the opportunity to change class. It is only possible to change to another class on the same course, and only if there is room in the class in question. Please send an e-mail to Study Center Arts stating which class you are in now and which you would like to change to.

2019.09.04 | Education

Registration for 'Re-eksamination in one of the following semesters' 15 to 28 September

If you want to register for 'Re-eksamination in one of the following semesters' - that is, if you didn't pass the first re-eksamen or didn't sign up for re-eksamination immediately after the ordinary eksam - you can register for the reeksamination i february 2020 between 15 and 28 September.

2019.08.15 | Education

Don't forget the application deadline for exchange agreements 15 September

Are you planning to go on exchanges through AU's agreements in the spring semester 2020? Then you must be aware that you need to submit your application for in AU GO no later than September 15.

2019.06.28 | Students

Have you been using a locker in Nobelparken?

If you have, you must empty your locker no later than July 8.

2019.06.20 | Education

Introductory week

Introductory week for new students is the last week in August ( 26 to 30 August). Find your programme at the Introductory week-page.


Tue 24 Sep
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Are you a Master’s student and are you considering studying abroad on your 3rd semester? Join us to hear more about your possibilities, be inspired and receive information regarding rules, deadlines and procedures in regard to taking a semester abroad.
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