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Information about your studies

2017.03.27 | Education

Oral defence to be discontinued for (most) Master’s theses

As of 1 September 2017, most Master’s theses at the Faculty of Arts will no longer be defended orally. In the long term, product theses will be the only ones to be defended.

2017.02.23 | Education

Don't forget to applicate for your master programme

For some programmes the deadline is March 15 - for most programes the deadline i April 1. You will find information about application, deadlines etc. at

2017.02.13 | Education

Do you forward your AU emails to your private email account?

Although it is possible to forward your AU emails, we cannot guarantee that all emails will go through. Instead, we recommend that you configure your private email account to import your AU emails.

2017.01.26 | Education

Don't forget to register for re-examination

If you failed an exam during the ordinary examination period in December/January, you can register for the re-examination immediately after, i.e. in February 2017. Please be aware that you must register for the re-exam at the Student self-service portal, To see the deadlines - click the headline.

2017.01.05 | Education

Breakdowns in Digital Exam

It has not been possible to upload assignments for Digital Exams during the afternoon of Thursday 5 January due to breakdowns in Digital Exam.

2016.10.03 | Education

Change of CPR number

If you have been registered under a temporary CPR number, please inform us, when you recieve your new (danish) number.

2016.09.22 | Education

Do you need your study diagram?

You will find the study diagram that applies to you, in the academic regulations, you belong to. If you are in doubt as to which academic regulations you belong to, you can ask the study center or your student counsellor.

2016.09.06 | Education

Conditional enrolment

If you have been offered conditional admission to a Master’s degree programme, there are a number of things and deadlines which you need to be aware of.

2016.08.19 | Education

Keep an eye on your timetables

The timetables show you where and when your classes are held. Please check them regularly. Your classes are not necessaryly held at the same time and the same place every week.

2016.08.09 | Education

Registration for courses at the first semester of your master’s degree and for elective courses

You will automatically be registered for compulsory courses during the last to weeks of August. If you have non-compulsory courses, you need to register yourself. The registration will be visible at selfservice prior to the start of the semester.

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