2016.04.25 | Students

Uninstall Quicktime from your Windows PC

All AU staff and students, who have Windows computers with the free software Quicktime installed, are encouraged to uninstall this software as quickly as possible for security reasons. Please contact IT support if you need help.

2016.04.21 | Students

Improve your well-being as a student

How do I find the time to relax? How do I stay calm at exams? How should I use my study group? Many questions and challenges may arise during your studies, and AU has made an overview of how to get help if you need it.

2016.04.15 | Education

Are you among those who should register for the autumn courses before 10 May?

Whether you will automatically be registered for courses or need to register yourself depends on when you have been admitted to your study program as well as whether the course is a compulsory or non-compulsory element.

2016.04.15 | Education

Digital exam submission

This year, The Faculty of Arts is introducing digital exam submissions for all written exam papers. This means that, from now on, you must submit your written take-home assignments digitally. This includes set home assignments, take-home assignment on topic of student’s choice and written exam papers that have a subsequent oral examination.

2016.04.01 | Education

Application deadline for Master's degrees (applicants with a Danish qualifying degree)

The Application Portal is currently unavailable due to technical problems. The applicant period has therefore been prolonged for applicants with a danish qualifying degree. Stay updated at Master's Student Guide.

2016.03.22 | Students

Avoid parking fines: New parking rules for selected car parks in the University Park, Aarhus

Between 15 March and 1 October 2016, three car parks at the University Park will be reserved for AU employees between 7:00 and 17:00 on weekdays as part of a pilot project aimed at improving parking conditions for employees. Students are advised to find alternative car parks in order to avoid a parking fine.

2016.03.16 | Education

Deadline for applying for a Thesis supervisor for the autumn 2016 is 1 May

Are you going to write your thesis in the autumn 2016? The deadline for applying for a thesis supervisor is 1 May 2016 for all students at the Faculty of Arts.

2016.02.29 | Education

Deadline for admission to master's degree programmes is 15 March (some programmes 1 April)

If you wish to start with a Master's degree program in the autumn and you have non-Danish qualification you must remember to apply for admission by 15 March (some programmes 1 April).

2016.02.19 | Education

New summer courses: Culture production in the real world

Are you motivated by practical work and experience, and do you want an idea of what the labour market is really like? Then the courses in culture production offered by the new 2017 Academy Summer Schools might be just the thing for you. The deadline for registering is 15 March.

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2016.02.16 | Education

Fewer usernames and passwords

AU now offers students 'Same-Sign-On' to a number of AU's IT systems and services. Same-Sign-On means that you use the same username and password to log on to different systems/services.

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