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Commencement of studies exam

The compulsory commencement of studies exam will be held before the end of September on the first semester of the Bachelor’s degree programme.

  • The exam generates 0 ECTS credits and is a pass/fail internal examination with no co-examiner.
  • Two examination attempts are allowed.
  • First-semester students are automatically registered for the exam. The result will be posted in the student’s self-service system (

Students who do not pass the first examination attempt will automatically be registered for the second attempt. The result of the second attempt will be posted in the student’s self-service system ( no later than 28 September.

It's important to participate

If you don't participate in the commencement of studies exam and therefore do not pass, you will be withdrawn from your degree programme with immediate effect.

How does the commencement of studies exam take place?

The commencement of studies exam is held i conjunction to one of the courses in the first semester. You will find information about which of the courses in the academic regulations of your degree programme.

In your academic regulations you get more information aboutyour commencement of studies exam. Follow the link 'Exam details'.

If you have questions related to the commencement of studies exam, you can ask the teacher in the relevant course or your student counselor.


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