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Intro days MA in Philosophy 2018

Welcome to the Master's degree programme in Philosphy

Dear new Master's degree student,

You find the programme for your introduction days here.

Courses will begin in week 36, and you will find your schedule via timetables Arts.

Registration for courses 1st semester August 5th to 10th

If you have been admitted to line A of the Master’s degree programme in philosophy, you must choose which philosophy topic you wish to study in the autumn semester of 2018. You must make this choice during the period 5-10 August 2018 via the self-service system (

The following philosophy topics are being offered in the autumn semester of 2018: (click on the link to read more)

You may not choose a philosophy topic within the same track as your track seminar.

If you have questions about the registration for courses, you can contact the study counsellor for Philosophy. 

The academic regulations explain that your choice of track seminar in the first semester also decides which track seminar you will attend in the second semester. You must attend track seminar 2 within the same track/profile as track seminar 1. For instance, if you are enrolled on “Science and Technology 1” as your track seminar 1 on the first semester, you will be enrolled on the “A4” line of the Master’s degree programme: “Science and Technology”, so in the second semester you must attend the track seminar “Science and Technology 2” as well as a philosophy topic on one of the three other tracks.

Your choice of Topic in Philosophy 1 on the first semester does not determine your choice of Topic in Philosophy 2 on the second semester; but as mentioned above, you may not choose a philosophy topic from the track that offers the track seminar that you have chosen.

You will find the academic regulations for the Master’s degree programme in philosophy here: 

You can read more about enrolling for teaching and exams (including enrolling for elective subjects on the first semester) here:

Introduction for international students

If you are an international student, please be aware that International Centre at Aarhus University arranges a separate introduction programme, which it is expected of you to take part in. You can find more information here

Blackboard: your course system

Are you new to Blackboard or are you having any difficulties with the system?

At this support site you can find all information needed regarding Blackboard.

If you are new to Blackboard you can watch this introduction video.  

If you are having any difficulties that you cannot resolve on your own, please contact the IT support. Find their information on the website above.

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