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Fri 22 Sep
10:15-11:00 | Aarhus University, building 1593, room 0.12
Guest lecture: Reengineering protein surfaces for non-aqueous activity
Prof. Adam Perriman, Bristol University, pioneer researcher in the construction and study of novel hybrid biomolecular systems using advanced physical techniques.
Fri 22 Sep
12:30-14:30 | Building 5125, room 424, Finlandsgade 22, 8200 Aarhus N
PhD defence: Benefits of flexibility in residential electricity consumption– Paving the way towards a smarter grid
PhD student Armin Ghasem Azar, Department of Engineering, Aarhus University.
Fri 22 Sep
13:00-15:00 | Building 1593, room 012, Interdisciplinary Nanoscience Center (iNANO), Aarhus University
PhD defence: Energy Storage and Conversion using Ion Exchange Membranes
PhD student Mette Birch Kristensen, Department of Engineering, Aarhus University.
Mon 25 Sep
13:00-14:00 | Room 408E, building 5125, Finlandsgade 22, 8200 Aarhus N
Guest lecture: Terahertz technology for optical sensing of chemical compounds and electrical conductivity
Dr. Pernille Klarskov Pedersen, Brown University, U.S.
Tue 26 Sep
13:00-14:00 | Room 140E, building 5125, Finlandsgade 22, 8200 Aarhus N
Guest lecture: Extremely-long Nanostructures for Photonics and Electronics
Dr. Mehmet Bayindir, Bilkent University, Turkey.

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2017.06.09 | Civil engineer, Diplom engineer

Would you like to work with satellites?

This fall, students in engineering at Aarhus University will be offered the opportunity to be part of the Delphini-1 operation team (former AUSAT). We expect Delphini-1 to be delivered to the ISS between March and April 2018. Read more about how to apply.

2017.06.01 | Civil engineer, Diplom engineer

Limited access to Navitas on 11 June

The roads around Navitas are closed from 10:00-12:15 on Sunday 11 June due to the Bestseller Aarhus City Halvmaraton.

2017.05.23 | Civil engineer, Diplom engineer

First LEGO League is held at Navitas from 25-28 May 2017

In connection to the First LEGO League event at Navitas, there will be limited access to the building from 24-29 May 2017.

2017.05.18 | Diplom engineer, Civil engineer

AU Library Navitas is moving

In weeks 24 and 25, AU Library Navitas will move to AU Library Katrinebjerg. Read more about what this means for you.

2017.05.15 | Diplom engineer, Civil engineer

The ransomware worm WanaCrypt0r is in circulation

During the last couple of days, the healthcare sector, for example, has experienced large-scale ransomware attacks as mentioned on the news. We therefore urge staff and students to exercise extra caution before opening files and links.

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