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2016.06.07 | Civil engineer, Diplom engineer

Rules for study areas at Navitas

Who lives at Navitas? Level 2: Aarhus School of Marine and Technical Engineering Level 3 and 4: AU Engineering, Aarhus University

2016.05.25 | Diplom engineer, Civil engineer

IHA VPN will close

Sub-heading: On 1 July, the old IHA VPN will be closed. Instead, students and staff must use AU’s VPN

2016.04.28 | Civil engineer, Diplom engineer

Become a mentor for international students at Science & Technology

Want to help international students ease into life in their new host country? Make friends all over the world? Experience different cultures? Improve your language skills and your CV? Then sign up to become a mentor for international students at Science and Technology.

2016.04.26 | Civil engineer, Diplom engineer

New login for Web Room Booking

From 3 May at 18.00, you must log on to WebRoomBooking using your AU ID.

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