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2015.11.06 | Diplom engineer, Civil engineer

The roofing felt at Navitas has been approved by the fire authorities

It turns out that the roofing felt that has been used at Navitas has been thoroughly testet previously.

2015.10.13 | Diplom engineer, Civil engineer

Jobfair 2015

Meet the strongest businesses in Denmark

2015.10.30 | Diplom engineer, Civil engineer

Flammable roofing felt at Navitas

An impartial investigation of the roofing felt at Navitas shows that the roofing felt is flammable and thus poses a safety risk. A fire guard has been hired to monitor the roof 24 hours a day.

2015.10.29 | Diplom engineer, Civil engineer

Celebrating 100 years of engineering in Aarhus

Rolls for AU Engineering staff and students 2 November

2015.10.27 | Civil engineer, Diplom engineer

IT systems and IT services will be out of operation on 14 - 15 November

AU's IT systems and IT services will be put out of operation shortly in the weekend 14 - 15 November 2015

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