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Student card as access card

Student identity card

Your student card is your ID when you must document, that you are a student at Aarhus University.

It is particularly important that you bring your student card to examinations.

In connection with your admission to the degree program, you must upload a photo via the Self-service and order a student card. Your student identity card will be posted directly to your private home address.

If you loose your student card and need a replacement, you must order a new card via the Self-Service.

Read more about student identity cards at

Your student card in itself does not document that you are an active student at Aarhus University. To document this, you need a confirmation of your admission. You can print a copy of your confirmation of admission at the Self-service.

It is a good idea always to carry your student card with an updated confirmation of your admission.

Student card as access card

As an engineering student at Aarhus University, you will automatically get access to the engineering locations at Navitas and Katrinebjerg. 

Outside of normal opening hours, you can access the buildings with your student card.

You run your card through/over the card reader and enter your PIN code followed by #. If you can’t remember your PIN code, you can generate a new one at


  • Your student/access card is personal and may not be used by others.
  • Don’t let other people in with your card.
  • The student card works as access card during your time as a student with us. The access will close automatically when you graduate or deregister from your engineering education.
  • You may not put something in the doors to keep them open. This will activate the alarm and make it possible for people with no business at the locations to enter.
  • If your card is damaged or stops working, you must contact the local facility management office. State your name, student number/auid. See contact information to the right.
  • If your card is lost, it must be cancelled at the local facility management office, and you must order a new card through the self-service system.


Access to special rooms

To access the laboratories, you must contact your teacher.


Aarhus University's insurance does not cover your personal belongings. Therefore, we recommend that you take out an accident insurance covering you 24 hours. If you cause injury or damage to others or their property, you are personally liable for paying compensation unless you have taken out an insurance to cover such claims.


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