Navitas Fitness

The equipment in the fitness room consists of new machines from Team Hyldahl and the equipment from DSR/IHA at Dalgas Avenue. Team Hyldahl has also been involved in deciding on the layout of the room.

To use the fitness room, you must be a member. The membership is 300 kr. for 6 months. The amount must be transferred to the following bank account:

Registration number: 4387
Account number: 1155 0754

IMPORTANT: Please write ONLY your student number under “text for receiver” in the bank transfer.

If you transfer the money before the 20th of a month, you get access to the fitness room from the 1st of the following month and for the next 6 months. The right of cancellation no longer applies when you have transferred the membership fee.

How to use the equipment
The fitness room will not have an instructor connected to it, but there will be guides at each exercise station. It may be possible to set up an agreement with an instructor at a later stage. This will not be covered by the membership fee mentioned above.

You use the equipment at your own risk which means that you must draw up your own accident and third-party insurance if you wish to be covered by an insurance if you are injured or cause someone else to be injured while using the fitness room.

Opening hours
You will have access to the fitness room 24 hours a day.

There is room for 30 people so the room/equipment may be fully booked at peak times.

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