Bioscience specifics

Office possibilities:

Consult with your thesis supervisor or your section's department secretary.

Description and workplan suggestions:

Description and workplan for <name>

Thesis working title

Short purpose description

Some background information for the thesis/data sources etc.

Workplan - points could be:

  • <time frame> Read up on background information
  • Planning of experimental work (labratory/field)
  • Selection of research facilities, field method testing, pilot experiments
  • Data gathering (from literature/databases/labratories/field)
  • Data processing/analysis
  • Summary
  • First thesis draft
  • Final submission


Planning of not yet passed classes (if relevant)

Class <>  ECTS <> expected completion

Financing of experimental work (if relevant)

Allocation of supervision roles between main advisor/supervisor (if relevant). Describe how the supervision will take place.

Date and signatures for the student as well as main supervisor

General guidelines and information

General guidelines and information which may be useful for thesis writing students.



Submission of thesis

You submit your thesis to your supervisor.

If submitting a printed thesis, hand in one copy for your supervisor and one for your project supervisor, one copy for co-examiner, and one copy for your section, if theses are archived. Ask your supervisor.

Thesis (as PDF) and abstract (as word-file) is forwarded to Anne Mehlsen. Remember to make clear, which of the two can be published on the subject portal.

Be aware, that if you plan to publish an article based on your thesis, your full thesis will not be published on our websites, but only your abstract.

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