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2016.06.20 | Civil engineer, Diplom engineer

Funding from Arwos Pool

Arwos' Pool for knowledge, research and innovation supports study and research projects related to Arwos' core competences within the utility area. Click and read more. Application deadline 1 October 2016.

2016.06.07 | Civil engineer, Diplom engineer

Rules for study areas at Navitas

Who lives at Navitas? Level 2: Aarhus School of Marine and Technical Engineering Level 3 and 4: AU Engineering, Aarhus University

2016.06.02 | Students

ST switches to digital mail

Science and Technology will from July 1 send all letters containing sensitive personal information to students by digital mail to e-Boks. So remember to keep an eye on your digital mailbox.

2016.05.25 | Diplom engineer, Civil engineer

IHA VPN will close

Sub-heading: On 1 July, the old IHA VPN will be closed. Instead, students and staff must use AU’s VPN

2016.05.17 | Civil engineer

Summer school: Synergizing Entrepreneurship and Production in High Wage Economies

The Summer School is organised in connection to the yearly NORDTEK Conference at University of Southern Denmark 6-10 June 2016 in Odense, Denmark.

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