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Starting your study

Welcome to Science and Technology

We are pleased to welcome you to your degree programme in Engineering at the faculty of Science and Technology!

Right now, you are at your study portal, in which you find teaching and exam schedules, regulations, student counselling, inspiration and other relevant information about your study.

On these specific pages, we have gathered what you need to know before and when starting.

Among other things, you find the programme for the introduction day at 'Before you start'.

At 'While you study', you can read small introductions to teaching, exam, AU email and more.

Please note: The pages are updated on an ongoing basis.

Do you have any questions?

If you have any questions regaring starting your study, you can contact either your...

  • Student Counsellor (who you find under 'Student Counselling' > 'Contact Student Counselling' in the menu),
  • or your Head of Degree Programme (who you find under 'About the degree programme'  in the top of the menu)  
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