Study Counselling

Mette Odder

At the Study Counselling you can get information and counselling about questions you may have concerning your education or more general counselling.

Please contact the study counsellor if:

  • you have general questions concerning admission/study in general
  • you need further information regarding other counselling and support opportunities
  • you are delayed
  • you consider a leave of absence

You are also welcome to talk to the counsellor about personal issues or study-related problems. The counsellor is bound by his/her duty of confidentiality.


If you have a question for Aarhus BSS Studies and are in doubt who to contact, please use our  email-address for Ask Aarhus BSS,

Questions regarding study administration for your specific degree programme may be directed to:

Louise Bonne Rasmussen
8715 3612
  • Economics and Business Administration, BSc(B)
Pernille Hasselflug
8715 3296
  • Global Management and Manufacturing

Heidi T. Larsen
8715 1908

  • Exchange

Bolette Bligaard

8715 2382

  • MSc Marketing and Business Innovation
Bolette Bligaard
8715 2382
  • MSc Technology Based Business Development
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