How to find your timetable and when to meet for class?

2014.08.22 | Mette Bak Odder


To access the timetables for the autumn 2014, click here:

This means that you will not be able to view your timetable through Outlook anymore.

 When to meet for class

The first lesson starts 8.20. All other classes start 15 minutes past the hour, i.e. 9.15, 10.15 etc. The timetable does not show this. You just need to learn it by hart. A lecturer can of course together with his/her class arrange to skip or move a brake if he/she has more than one hour in a row with the same teacher.

 Synchronising timetable and calendar

You can synchronise your Syllabus timetable with your personal calendar on your mobile device, laptop or tablet via the iCal function. A user manual is available here:

 Booking rooms through Web Room Booking

Students are able to book group rooms and study cells through Web Room Booking:

Log in using your student registration number as username and the same password as you use to access

Rooms can be booked up to four hours at a time. We recommend that you only book rooms for as long as you need them.

Administrative conditions
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