How to design your 3rd semester?

Information meeting for 1st semester MSc students

2018.09.26 | Kathrine Raagaard Nielsen

Date Wed 31 Oct
Time 18:00 19:00
Location Fuglesangs Allé, Building M, Auditorium M3


The co-head of master programmes, Morten Rask, and the student counsellors invite you to an information meeting regarding your third semester options on 31 October 2018 at 18:00 in M3

At the information meeting you will be introduced to the project-based internship, electives, exchange etc., and after the presentations, you will have the opportunity to ask, both the student counsellor and Morten Rask, your questions.

We recommend that you prepare for the meeting by reading about your options on your 3rd semester on the study portal

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