Spring semester

  • It is possible to attend a re-exam in August ONLY if you have been registered for and thereby used an attempt at the ordinary exam in March-June. 
  • Re-exams in August are only offered for the ordinary exams in March-June in the recommended study programmes.
  • Please notice that there are special rules regarding the re-exam for bachelor's thesis. Find more under the bachelor's thesis guide.

Autumn semester

  • It is possible to attend a re-exam in February ONLY if you have been registrered for and thereby used an attempt at the ordinary exam in September-January.
  • Re-exams in February are only offered for the exams in September-January in the recommended study programmes.

Important: If the Department so desires, any written exam may be converted into oral exams in the case that only ten or less students are registered for the exam before the deadline. If a written exam is converted into an oral exam, no supplementary materials are permitted at the exam, unless otherwise stated. Announcement about conversion of a written exam into an oral exam will be given by notice on the relevant bulletin board immediately after the expiry of the deadline. 

Registration for re-examination

If you do not pass your first examination attempt (the ordinary examination), you are personally responsible for registering for the re-examination. You register for your re-exam in the Student Self-Service system (STADS). 

A prerequisite for registering for a re-examination (in February or August) is that you have been registered as having used an examination attempt at the ordinary exam in the same exam period. You will automatically use an examination attempt if you do not submit the exam paper or assignment. 

The registration deadline for re-exam: 

  • Winter re-exams: 6 - 8 February 2017
  • Summer exams: To be updated


The re-examination dates will be available in your re-xam schedule and you will be able to see the dates for the publication of the re-exam schedules in the study plan.  

Please be aware of the specific rules regarding the first year exam.

Read more about re-examinations.

In case of illness

If you have been unable to attend or complete an exam because of illness, you can apply to the Study Committee for deferment of your exam attempt. To apply for this you must use the form 'Application for deferment of examination attempt due to illness' that as soon as possible after the issue of the medical certificate must be submitted to Aarhus BSS Study Service. The disease must be documented by the doctor on the day of the exam.