Electives - Bachelor

General information on electives

If you have started your BSc programme after September 2014 you have to take electives corresponding to 30 ECTS points. If you follow the prescribed course of study, electives are placed in the 5th semester.

You have the opportunity to arrange the electives differently:

  • By taking one or more electives at AU Summer University (July-August)
  • By taking electives earlier or later than in the prescribed course of study. You should be aware, however, that lessons and exams may coincide if you choose to do so.

You can choose electives from the selection of courses that are offered to your study programme (including AU Summer University courses), but you can also choose other courses offered at AU or courses offered at other Danish and foreign universities. If you wish to take courses that are not approved for your degree programme you need to apply for pre-approval and credit transfer.

If you started your BSc programme in September 2014 or later you must be aware that you are not able to obtain a profile/specialisation if you choose to study abroad on your 5th semester. 

Pre-approval and credit transfer
In the following link you can find information about applying for credit transfer and pre-approval of courses from other studies. 

Registration deadlines

Electives in the autumn semester: The registration deadline for electives is from 1- 5 May for courses in the autumn semester. You can find a list of courses offered here: List of electives for autumn 2017.

Some of the elective courses have restricted admission. In case the courses are oversubscribed, there will be a draw for the seats. Students who were not admitted to the requested courses after the registration deadline, e.g. due to cancellation or restricted admission, will be contacted in order to register for courses in a second registration round. You will then only be able to register for courses where there are available seats after the first registration round.

Electives in the spring semester: There are also offered electives in the spring semester. You can sing up for these courses from 1- 5 November. You can find a list of courses offered here: List of electives for spring 2018.

You can read about the different courses in the course catalogue.

AU Summer University

You can apply for AU Summer University courses from 1 December to 15 March. You can find information on AU Summer University courses at AU Summer University

Procedure: Registration for elective courses

1. The registration periods are ended by 5 May and 5 November. At these dates the registrations will be final for all students who were admitted to the courses/electives they applied for. This means that you cannot unregister or exchange your electives after the deadlines. 

The board of studies is not able to grant an exemption for exchanging electives once you have used an exam attempt in the course. This applies regardless of whether you have received an 'U' (for being absent) or a numerical mark.  

Students can only unregister from one or more courses in connection with:

  • Studies abroad (exchange and free movers, according to the regulations governing this)
  • Enrollment as guest student at another study programme/educational institution.

Please note that you can only unregister for electives corresponding to the number of ECTS that you have been approved for the study abroad or as a guest student. 

2. If you were not admitted to the requested courses, e.g. due to cancellation or restricted admission, you will be contacted and receive information by your student mail in order to have the possibility to register for courses that have available seats after the registration deadline. 


You sign up for electives online at mit.au.dk. Then click on “Student Self-Service (STADS)”.

If you wish to sign up for electives in AU Herning, please contact Gitte Nielsen, giln@au.dk   or Anne Svendsen, anne@au.dk  .

Please remember that it is your own responsibility to check, whether or not your registration is accepted. The status of your registration will be available maximum 1 week after your registration.

Please notice that it cannot be guaranteed that there will not be time overlap between your electives when the time schedules for the semester are final. Should this be the case, you will have the opportunity to choose another course. Within 14 days after the deadline you will be contacted if there is time overlap, if the course is cancelled or if you otherwise cannot attend the course, for example if there is no room in your electives block, if the course have limited numbers of available seats, or if the subject is not approved for your study programme. You will then be able to choose a new elective. However, your registration may well appear as approved in the meantime.

Electives may be cancelled due to only a few registrations. Students will then be contacted by BSS Study Service.

If you have problems registering please contact the study administrator for bachelors at Aarhus BSS Student Services

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