Talent semester

2nd semester students on the MSc in Economics and Business Administration have the chance to apply for the 3rd semester talent programme (30 + 10 ECTS) in Digital Transformation at Aarhus BSS.

What is digital transformation?

These years, many companies are increasing their investments in digital marketing, e-commerce, mobility and automation. However, often there is no coherence between the digital investments and considerations as to how the company will look in 5-10 years; how it will make its money, communicate with customers and partners, initiate new projects and organise its internal work processes.

The talent programme at Aarhus BSS takes a holistic look at digital transformation and on how the transformations affect the company’s organisation, business model and infrastructure. What are we selling, to whom and how do we bring our products and services to market? And is the company geared for this internally?

Content of the programme


  • Module 1: Introduction
  • Module 2: Innovation
  • Module 3: Customer relations and marketing
  • Module 4: Field study with international perspective
  • Module 5: Organization
  • Module 6: Human Resource Management
  • Module 7: Advanced theoretical perspectivation
  • Module 8: Round-up


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Practical Information

  1. Only 24 students are admitted to each talent semester. 
  2. Each course lasts 12 weeks.
  3. All students  will take a joint study trip abroad  (self-payment approximately dkr. 10.000) and attend one week of classes and company visits at a prestigious partner university.
  4. To apply for admission, you must have completed all 1st semester courses in MSc in Economics and Business Administration, as well as a minimum GPA of 7 (Danish grade system) from the prerequisite courses is required. Your application must also include a motivation letter.

Information meeting about the talent semester in digital transformation

Date: Fri 9 March 2018

Time: 8.00 – 10.00

Location: S building, room 520

Want to join? Here is how:

Completion of all 1st semester courses in MSc in Economics and Business Administration is required, as well as a minimum GPA of 7 (Danish grade system) from the prerequisite courses. GPA’s from foreign institutions will be converted according to the guidelines of the Danish Ministry of Education. A maximum of  24 students fulfilling the abovementioned requirements will be accepted.  Besides the above mentioned criteria selection and admission will be based on the following if more than 24 students apply or if more students have the same, qualifying GPA:

a written application; including: 

  • Motivation
  • The student ‘s views on how digital transformation is related to his or her “specialization” chosen
  • Knowledge of and previous interest in digitalization (e.g. relevant work experience) 

The letter of motivation must be included in your application when applying for this elective course.

You apply by sending a letter of motivation to studentservices.bss@au.dk. The registration deadline for the talent courses follows the deadline for other elective courses in the autumn semester. 

You must use this application form.









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