Top-Up programme

Top-up programme

On this page you will be able to find information regarding the top-up programme for Marketing Management or Financial Management. If you have any questions relating to the content of this page or for the top-up programme you can always contact the student counsellor's office.

Study regulations

As a top-up student you follow the same rules and regulations as students on the bachelor programme within the Economics and Business Administration, BSc programme. Therefore, you can always find the current academic regulations in the academic regulations for Economics and Business Administration, BSc.

However, for the top-up programme there is the following exemption to the rules:

  • There are no 1st-year rules at the top-up programme. 

Structure of programmes

Here you can find an overview of the courses you have to take during your top-up programme:

You will be able to find course description for each course in the course catalogue.

On the following page, you will find relevant information, links and dates regarding the bachelor's thesis in the sixth semester for BSc(B) student, including top-up students.

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