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Procedure: registration for elective courses - bachelor/master

1. First registration period is ended by May 7 and November 7. At these dates the registrations will be final for all students who were admitted to the courses they applied for, however the students’ academic regulations are always considered.

Students can only unregister from one or more courses in connection with:

  • Internship (according to the regulations governing this) 
  • Studies abroad (exchange and free movers, according to the regulations governing this)
  • Enrollment as guest student at another study programme/educational institution

2. Students who were not admitted to their selected courses due to e.g. course cancellation or participatory maximums will be contacted via their student email so that they have the opportunity to register for courses that have available places after the registration period. Please note that it cannot be guaranteed that elective courses will not clash once the timetables are completed. If this is the case, students will likewise have the opportunity to re-register.