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Chemistry and Medical Chemistry


2015.10.12 | Chemistry, Students

Flyer from the library

See the flyer from the library here

2015.10.08 | Chemistry


The election 2015 has started with the release of election circular and time schedule

2015.09.29 | Students, Science and Technology


Would you like to get inspiration about ways to strategically use LinkedIn in your job search? Come and learn how to create a professional LinkedIn profile, how to act on LinkedIn and what not to do.

2015.09.29 | Students, Science and Technology

Are you familiar with the rules on cheating at exams?

The definition of cheating at exams has just been tightened up. Do you understand the rules? And do you know what the consequences of cheating at exams are if you cheat unintentionally because you’re not familiar with the rules? Take the new quiz and find out!

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