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2015.01.09 | Students


AU´s IT-systemer bliver løbende opdateret og vedligeholdt, men cirka én gang i kvartalet samles de vedligeholdelsesopgaver, som kræver at IT-systemerne tages ud af drift. Sådan et "servicevindue" gennemføres lørdag den 31. januar, hvor det som udgangspunkt ikke vil være muligt at anvende universitetets it-systemer.

2014.10.30 | Chemistry

Election 2014 on AU

It's almost time to nominate candidates for the board, academic council, board of studies and phD committee.

2014.10.02 | Chemistry, Students

Study rooms and student lounge are now open

In the study rooms on the 2nd and 3rd floor students with ongoing lab exercises has prior claim. In the student lounge on the 3rd floor students with a student card on Chemistry has prior claim.

2013.11.28 | Chemistry, PhD Students, Students

Warning against phishing emails

At the moment, Aarhus University is faced with a serious phishing problem and needs all staff and students’ help to fight it. You must NEVER share your username and/or password with others, not even to others at AU.

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