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Examination timetables

You can find your relevant examination plan in the menu to your left (NB: Only relevant examination plans are visible in the menu).

Please notice that reexamination dates can be found in the timetable for the following exam period.

The exam dates are always published as soon as possible. However, the individual study programs at ST complicate the planning and furthermore, the exams cannot be planned before registration for reexamination has closed.

If you need to pass an exam in a course, which has been canceled in connection with the transition to the semester structure in 2016/2017, you must contact the Exam Office for further information.

Teaching and examination periods 2017-18


Introduction for new students  Wednesday 23 August - Friday 25 August  week 34  
1st semesterMonday 28 August - Saturday 9 Decemberweek 35-49
Exam periodTuesday 2 January - Saturday 27 Januaryweek 1-4
Only for Molecular Medicine:
Exam period
Wednesday 13 December - Saturday 27 Januaryweek 51-4
Reexamweek 21-23
Lecture-free periodMonday 16 October - Saturday 21 Octoberweek 42
2nd semesterMonday 29 January - Saturday 19 Mayweek 5-20
Exam periodFriday 1 June - Saturday 30 Juneweek 22-26
Reexamweek 31-34
Lecture-free periodMonday 26 March - Saturday 31 Marchweek 13
  • Teaching can take place outside the periods mentioned, e.g. field courses and courses planned as intensive programmes. The lecture-free periods are not holidays, but they are reserved for other course activities, e.g. field courses. Exams can be scheduled in weekends as well.


The Exam Office at Science and Technology: 

365849 / i40