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Contact and Study Service ST

Contact ST's Studies Administration by email in July

In July, there will be few people at work in the Studies Administration, but you can still get in touch with us via the following emails:

  • Questions related to your study and study administration: 
  • General counselling-related questions at ST: 
  • The student counsellors' emails are found under 'Student Counselling' in the menu

You must expect a longer response time than usual. Please write to only one of the emails with the same question - we will make sure to send it to the right one if necessary.

Programme Coordinators

You can contact your Programme Coordinator if you have questions about teaching and exam schedules, registration for courses and exams, registration of your exam results etc.

Programme Coordinator Mail Phone
Biomedical Engineering Pia Larsen  9352 1930
Biotechnology and Chemical Engineering (MSc) Bjørg Brink Dalgaard  4189 3303
Bioteknology (BSc) Bjørg Brink Dalgaard  4189 3303
Chemical Engineering (BSc) Bjørg Brink Dalgaard  4189 3303
Civil and Architectural Engineering Malene Plougmann 8715 6149/ 2118 4158
Computer Engineering Ina van Gaever Lautrup Thers  4189 3076
Electrical Engineering Ina van Gaever Lautrup Thers  4189 3076
Mechanical Engineering Katrine Hvid Kaisen 8715 3513 / 9530 8153

Student Counselling

If you have any questions regarding student counselling, please contact our Student Counsellors and our permanently employed Student Welfare Counsellors. You find the contact information under 'Student Counselling' > 'Contact Student Counselling'.

If you need counselling about the academic content of your degree programme, construction of courses etc., you must instead contact your Head of Degree Programme, which you find under 'Head of Degree Programme' in the menu.

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