Delay and inactivity

Active enrolment ST

As a student you are subject to the requirement of having an active enrolment. For you to have an active enrolment, you have to pass an exam and it is not enough that you have participated in a course or that you have used an examination attempt.

If you fail to pass an exam within a coherent period of 12 months, you will no longer be regarded as actively enrolled and you can be withdrawn from your degree program.

Exams passed at other universities, including universities outside Denmark, count as active enrolment when you gain credit transfer for them. Please note that examinations, for which credits have been transferred in connection with a change of academic regulations, do not count as active enrolment.

If you have received full exemption from the active enrolment requirement (The Study Progress Reform 2) or if you are on leave, your enrolment is put on hold.

Procedure for inactivity checks

Inactivity checks are performed twice a year, in October/November and in April.

If you are found inactive for a period of 12 months, you will receive an offer for an interview evaluating whether you can resume your study activity. If you reject this offer, you will be administratively withdrawn without further notice.

If you do not comply with the entered agreement and do not pass the agreed courses within 18 months, you will receive a letter stating that you will be administratively withdrawn.

NOTE: You must also always comply with the rule on maximum period of study for your degree program.

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