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The Student Counsellors' Office

Who are we?
We are 3 counsellors who study at either the Bachelor or Master programme.

How can we help you?
The student counsellors are among other things able to help you in questions regarding:

  • your study guide
  • problems in relation to finishing your study
  • organizing your course of study in a different way
  • exemptions
  • quitting or taking a leave of absence from your study
  • illness or other matters that prevent you from taking an exam
  • problems relating to not passing an exam

If you face problems of a more personal nature, you are also welcome. If we are not able to help you we will refer you to someone who can.

Why can we help?
We have the competence and general knowledge of the study to help you find the solution that will suit you best. We work with the study guide every day and know all the updates and changes. Our point of view is that of the students and therefore we give advice in an objective manner.

We are bound to professional secrecy which means that everything you tell us is confidential.

If you have any questions, you can send an e-mail and if you wish to have a talk with a student counsellor, you are welcome to come by our office or call us. You can find our opening hours below.

Student counsellors:

374134 / i40