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Reexamination and make-up exams

Do you need to pass a course and have to sign up for your second or third examination attempt? 

If you fall ill, do not pass or are absent from your first examination attempt (the ordinary examination), you can register for reexamination. 

Reexamination immediately after the ordinary exam (February or August)

Re-examination period in February: 15.-28. February 2018  

If you fail, if you have been ill or if you are absent from the ordinary exam, you can register for the reexamination which takes place immediately after the ordinary exam. 

Example: You do not pass the ordinary exam, which takes place in June 2017. You can then register for reexamination, which will be held during the same examination period, i.e. in August 2017. 

Reexamination in one of the following semesters

If you do not pass the first reexamination, you will have the opportunity to register for a new examination in one of the following semesters. 

The same applies if you do not have the opportunity to take the reexamination, which takes place immediately after the ordinary exam. You must be aware that it may cause a delay in your study programme, if you choose to postpone the reexamination.   

Example: You do not pass the ordinary exam, which is held in June 2017. You refrain from using the second examination attempt at the reexamination in August 2017 or you do not pass your second examination attempt at the reexamination in August. You can then register for reexamination next time an ordinary exam is offered for that particular course. Please note that some courses/exams are offered each semester and other courses/exams are only offered once a year.   

You are personally responsible for registering for the reexamination. You register for your reexamination in the Student Self-Service system (STADS).

Important: Written exams may, according to the Department, be converted into oral exams if ten or fewer students have registered for the exam by the registration deadline's expiration. If a written exam is converted into an oral exam, no exam aids are allowed unless otherwise is stated. An announcement concerning the conversion of a written exam into an oral exam will be given on notice boards just after the registration deadline.

Deadline for signing up for reexamination immediately after the ordinary exam

  • Winter reexaminations (in February): 6 - 8 February
  • Summer examinations (in August): 6 - 8 July 

You can only register for reexamination in this period, if you have used (registered) an examination attempt at the ordinary exam in the same semester. 

NB: You cannot deregister for a reexamination after the registration deadline for reexaminations has passed. This means that you cannot deregister for a reexamination 14 days before the date of the exam.

Deadlines for registering for reexamination in the ordinary examination period, in another semester

  • Autumn/Winter courses and examinations (September - January): 1 June
  • Spring/Summer courses and examinations (March - June): 1 December

Please note that you are not able to register for your reexamination in the ordinary exam period, in another semester, in the Student Self-service system (STADS). Instead, please register by writing an email to your educational administrator.

In case of illness

If you have been unable to attend or complete an exam because of illness, the Board of Studies may give permission for a deferment of your examination attempt. To apply for this you must use the form 'Application for deferment of examination attempt due to illness', which must be submitted via emal,, or handed in to Aarhus BSS Student Services, as soon as possible after the issue of the medical certificate. Remember to attach a medical certificate covering the period for the above-mentioned exam. The medical certificate must be issued by the doctor no later than on the day of the exam.

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