Bachelor's Thesis

The course "Bachelor's Thesis for Economics and Management students" (Oecon - 20 ECTS) and "Bachelor's Thesis for Business Administration students" (Soc - 15 ECTS) consists partly in writing the Bachelor’s thesis - for this, the student will receive supervision - and partly in a series of meetings. Students from the bachelor’s degree programme in public policy, who has chosen to write their bachelor's thesis with a supervisor from the Department of Economics and Business Economics, must follow the guidelines for Oecon.

For each student, participation in two meetings is required:

  • a meeting, where the student presents and discusses another thesis
  • a meeting, where the student’s own thesis is presented and discussed by a (group of) fellow student(s).

The final grade will be based upon the evaluation of the thesis itself by an external examiner and the supervisor.

If you do not hand in the bachelor thesis within in the deadline for submission, you have used an examination attempt. In this case, you will have to hand in your thesis for the reexamination, with a submission deadline that is 3 month after the first deadline. Read more here: Formal requirements and deadlines.

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Note: Guidelines for Soc-students ONLY applies to students, who enrolled in the Bachelor's degree program in Business Administration in September 2016 or earlier.
In September 2017, the programme was transferred to the Board of Studies for Economics and Business Administration, and information regarding the bachelor's theses for students enrolled in the Bachelor's degree program in Business Administration in September 2017 and later must therefore find information regarding the bachelor's thesis on the study portal for Economics and Business Administration.

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