Bachelor’s thesis – Oecon

    Course description: Bachelor's thesis for Economics and Management students

    Find the relevant description in the course catalogue here: Course catalogue

    It is important that you read the course description that refers to the specific semester, where you will be writing your bachelor’s project, as small adjustments can be made from year to year.

    Important deadlines

    • Deadline for registration: 1 December, 2017, at noon
    • Deadline for submission: 3 May, 2018, at 14.00

    The bachelor’s project must be handed in via both WISEflow and Blackboard.

    The meetings take place in May, and the thesis is evaluated in June. The final grade will be based upon the evaluation of the thesis itself by an external examiner and the supervisor.

    See also Bachelor's Thesis Catalogue for more information.



    The deadline for registration is on 1 December at noon. You register via the registration form in the semester before the project writing commences (always spring semester).

    Shortly after the information meeting in November, you must fill in a registration form to choose your topic and/or supervisor.

    Registration form - spring 

    Supervisors and topics will then be allocated by the Programme Coordinator, and students will receive the information during December.

    Bachelor's Thesis Catalogue

    Bachelor’s Thesis Catalogue

    Every semester, a Bachelor’s Thesis Catalogue is made, and it includes:

    • Procedures and time line for the bachelor's thesis
    • Links to the academic regulations and course description.
    • Potential supervisors and topics for the semester.

    It is important, that you read this catalogue in its entirety before the information meeting.

    The catalogues can be seen here:


    For specific requirements (number of pages and number of students per group), please consult the Bachelor’s Thesis Catalogue.

    As a minimum, the thesis must contain the following information on the front page:

    • Bachelor’s Thesis
    • Name and student id no.
    • Name of the supervisor
    • Hand-in date
    • Title in Danish and English
    • Department name
    • Study Programme: BA in Economics and Management (Oecon)
    • Subject area:
    • The thesis may be published: yes/no


    • Your student ID number on all pages
    • Page number and total number of pages (e.g. 'page 1 of 15') 
    • An english summary

    Read more here.



    You will receive an e-mail from WISEflow, when it is possible to upload your bachelor's project. The project must be uploaded via the WISEflow system.

    Once you have uploaded your bachelor's project, it is not possible to withdraw it. It is therefore very important that you make absolutely sure that you are uploading the correct version.

    The thesis including appendixes must be saved as one PDF-file.  

    If you have not previously tried to upload an assignment in WISEflow, please read and follow the instructions

    If you write an individual bachelor's project, you must upload this as a 'single-person-group' (”enkeltmandsgruppe”). If you are going to hand in as a part of a group, please follow these guidelines.

    The bachelor's project must be saved as one PDF-file and uploaded via ”Besvarelse”. It is possible to upload additional material, which is not in PDF-format, under "Appendix/Bilag".


    An electronic version (in PDF format) of the bachelor's project must also be uploaded to Blackboard on each row/series Blackboard page. If the thesis is confidential, a copy can instead be e-mailed to your opponent(s) (e-mail addresses can be found in the group on the Blackboard page) and to the supervisor.  Remember to include a short resume in English.

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