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Examination plans

On this page you can find the preliminary and final plans for the current semester's examinations, as soon as these plans have been worked out.

Project courses: deadline for submission of project reports is 15 May and 15 December respectively.

You can find information about when and where the exams will be held in the chronological exam plan.

Tentative exam information will be visible in your personal timetable during the scheduling of exams. Thus, the information is continually updated. Please note that the valid exam plan is only to be found at the Study Portal.

REMEMBER to check regularly for changes.

Exam Summer 2017

Summer 2017 exam plan - updated 13/6-17

Oral Examination order:

2401: Microeconomics

2402: Microeconomic Analysis of Markets, Organizations and Behavior

3915: Company Law for Economists (see examination order in WISEflow)

4118: Business Data Analysis

4615: Microeconometrics

5210: Power & Influence in Organizations

5384: Corporate Finance and Governance

5415 Micro and Macro Models of the Labor Market (P)

5425: Applied Public Policy (P)

5648: Financial Market Volatility (P)

6327: Advanced Financial Econometrics



Important information

  • Remember to bring your student card for all exams!!
  • Please note that re-examinations in other courses than the bachelor project and the master's thesis can have another form than the ordinary examination, according to the executive order on examinations § 18, section 4, § 4, section. 1 and § 6. If another form of examination is to be used, it must be announced by no later than 10 days before the re-examination.

Oral examinations: When the examination plan has been published, students can change places between themselves, if they wish to do so. But it is their own responsibility to make it work. If you agree to change places with a fellow student, remember to inform your examiner (your course teacher).

Important information before the exams

Remember to bring your Student ID card and please meet in in advance of the examination – at least 15 minutes prior to the examination!

You can find place and rooms for the exams in the chronological exam plan.

If your written exam takes place at Fuglesangs Allé, the classrooms to each examination will be announced on the whiteboard in the main entrance hall of the A building (building 2620) the day the examination takes place.

Please follow the link for more information about the digitized exams at BSS.

Contact the it support at BSS in advance of the exam if you need help on mail or on phone 87 15 09 33

Checklist for WISEflow and FLOWlock exams


  • Are you able to connect to the wireless network Eduroam?
  • Is your operating system on your computer updated?
  • Do you have a browser installed and updated on your computer? Firefox or Chrome is recommended.
  • Are you able to make a pdf-file from Word and/or Excel to hand in from FLOWassign?
  • Have you tested your testflows and handed in a test file?

FLOWlock exams

  • Is the newest version of the FLOWlock browser installed on your computer?
  • Is Flash installed and updated?
  • Do you have access to the flow connected to your exam approximately 1 week prior the exam?
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