Credit transfer

Credit transfer

If you are a full-time student, it is possible to have external courses completed at either Aarhus University or other universities or institutions of higher education in Denmark or abroad transferred and inserted into your study programme to replace courses at the same level. In order for the transfer to take place, the courses must be academically evaluated and approved by the Study Board for Economics and Management. The courses may be inserted either as elective courses or, in case of complete equivalence, as compulsory courses. To apply for credit transfer, please comply with the guidelines below.

Documents to be submitted:

1. Application for pre-approval of credit transfer
2. Course form (one for each external course)
3. Course description (please see "How to apply" below
4. Study programme (master's students only. Must be signed by a student counsellor)

Please note that applications for credit transfer will not be processed during the month of July.

Allocation of free ECTS

It is possible apply for allocation of free ECTS points in your study programme, if you wish to take courses at other educational institutions, including other departments at AU. Please note, an approval of free ECTS in your study programme is no guarantee that the courses will be transferred to your study programme. You still need to apply for credit transfer when you have a seat at the education or course you wish to take at the external educational institution.

When you apply for free ECTS in your study programme, you do not need to send in the course descriptions for the courses you wish to take. You just need to fill in the exemption application at or fill in the below form:

Application for exemption: Danish form - English form

Please state the number of ECTS points you wish to replace with courses from other Danish or foreign educational institutions. Remember also to inform in which semester you plan on taking the courses. It is not necessary to include documentation in the application. 

Please note, it is only necessary to apply for allocation of free ECTS credits in your study programme, if the external educational institution demands this in order to be able to admit you.

When your application has been processed, you will receive a letter which states whether, and to what extent, the external courses can replace courses from your study programme at the Department of Economics and Business Economics. You can use this letter when you apply for:

  • SU when you study abroad
  • foreign grants
  • admission to universities through the International Centre eor to universities in general.
  • admission to credit modules and Summer University at AU

NB: It is the students own responsibility to apply for admission to the external courses/external educational institution.

Approval of external courses

If you want to replace a course in your study programme with a course from an external degree programme, you may apply for approval of the course before completion (pre-approval) or after completion.

Pre-approval of credit transfer may only be granted if, in connection with the application for pre-approved credit transfer, the student undertakes to submit to the home university the necessary documentation to show whether the pre-approved course has been passed or failed.

Once documentation is available that the student has passed the course for which pre-approval has been granted, the home university administratively approves and tranfers the course to the relevant degree programme.

Please note that a pre-approval does not guarantee admission to the pre-approved course, and it is the responsibility of the student to apply for admission. Please go to this site to learn more about  admission to courses at Aarhus University as a guest student.


How to apply

Documents to be submitted:

1. Application for pre-approval of credit transfer
2. Course form (one for each external course) 
3. Course description
4. Study programme (master's students only. Must be signed by a student counsellor)

If you are a bachelor's student applying to have a compulsory course in your study programme replaced by an external course, please state this on the course form, i.e. item 2 above. You must specify which compulsory course you wish to have replaced and which external course you wish to replace it with.

The course description submitted for evaluation must pertain to the semester in which you wish to complete the course and must contain the following information:


i.   Learning objectives and a description of course themes
ii.  A detailed list of readings (including pagenumbers - please see below)

  • page numbers covered in relation to each title in the syllabus; as an alternative to information about page numbers, relevant chapters can be stated. In the latter case, a table of contents of relevant titles must be enclosed with the application
  • syllabus: total number of pages (example)

iii. ECTS / weightingiv. Course plan including number of lectures/classes, and a specification of the length of     a lecture/class

If the above information is not stated in the course description, please ask the relevant study administration or responsible lecturer to provide the information. Emails used as documentation must state contact information of the sender. If relevant information cannot be procured, you are allowed to submit the course description from the previous academic year as documentation, should this contain the necessary level of detail.

Teaching materials (articles, books, compendia etc.) may have to be presented on request from the study board.

If the external course is approved for credit transfer, the application for pre-approval of credit transfer (item 1. above) will be returned to you signed and stamped by the Director of Studies on behalf of the Study Board for Economics and Management.

Transfer of credits can only be done in multiples of 5 ECTS. 

In other words, if the following number of ECTS are approved

0 - 4,9 ECTS:       0 ECTS will beincorporated
5 - 9,9 ECTS:       5 ECTS will be incorporated
10 - 14,9 ECTS:  10 ECTS will be incorporated
15 - 19,9 ECTS:  15 ECTS will be incorporated
20 - 24,9 ECTS:  20 ECTS will be incorporated
25 - 29,9 ECTS:  25 ECTS will be incorporated
30 ECTS:            30 ECTS will be incorporated 

As a rule, external courses approved to replace courses at master's level will be transferred as level 4xxx courses (master basic).



Completed courses and credit transfer

Courses from Aarhus University:
Please send a copy of the signed and stamped application for pre-approval of credit transfer to case officer Renée Højgaard Troelsgaard.

Courses from other institutions:
Please send a copy of the application for pre-approval of credit transfer along with an original, certified transcript of records and an outline of the marking scale of the external institution (only foreign institutions) to the study board secretariat:

Aarhus Universitet, Aarhus BSS, Tåsingegade 3, bygn. 1443, 8000 Aarhus C

You can also present the original and certified transcript, if you go to Aarhus BSS Student Services.

Transfer between academic regulations

Should a student be transferred to new academic regulations, either upon application or otherwise, the examination results originally obtained will be transferred to the new study programme if the first mentioned results are considered equivalent to courses in the new programme. Failed courses, if any, including the examination attempts spent will also be transferred if the failed course is equivalent to a specific course in the new study programme.

Submission of application

Applications must be submitted electronically via the self service facility ( Please remember to attach the above forms.

Questions may be directed to the student counsellors:


Processing time

Average processing time: 1-2 months (July not included). Applications submitted electronically or at Aarhus BSS Study Service may have a slightly shorter processing time than applications submitted at Fuglesangs Allé 4

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