Exams - special needs

If you suffer from a physical or mental functional disability (such as dyslexia, mental or neurological disorder, physical disabilities or visual impairment), or if you are a native speaker of another language than Danish, you may apply to your Board of Studies for permission to participate in examinations on special conditions. You may for instance apply for extra time or for permission to use assistive technology for an examination.

The purpose of allowing special examination conditions is to place students with functional disabilities or non-native speakers of Danish on equal footing with other students in the examination situation. Special examination conditions do not imply that the level of the examination is lowered.

  • Applications for special exam conditions should be submitted in good time before the exam, to be certain that you receive the response before your exam. Read more about the processing time here.

In order to obtain permission for completing your examination on special conditions, you must comply with the following requirements:

1. Special examination conditions must be applied for every semester (please see deadlines below)

2. Applications for special examination conditions must be accompanied by documentation from one
    of the following authorities:

  • Primary and lower secondary schools
  • Youth education programmes
  • The counselling and support centre, Aarhus University
  • Doctor/psychologist

3. Provided that the application for special examination conditions is granted, it will be possible to
    use software aids at examinations specified by the counselling and support centre (or similar 

4. Students with special needs are awarded 25% extra time in examinations

5. In relation to courses within the area of econometrics students with dyslexia are awarded 10% extra time.

Please note that documentation of your functional disability is a precondition – but no guarantee ­– for granting you permission to complete your examination on special conditions. Your study board will assess your disability in relation to the specific type of examination and decide whether you will be allowed to complete the examination in question on special conditions.

If granted, the permission for special examination conditions applies to the ordinary as well as the reexamination.

Please send us your application before:

  •      1st November (autumn semester)
  •      1st March (spring semester)
1429465 / i40