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2017.04.26 | Civil engineer, Diplom engineer

Tech Talent Conference

Tech Talent Conference is a half day invite only conference for students, entrepreneurs and international talent with interest in new technology, trends and the future labor market.

2017.04.05 | ST-frontpage

High levels of student well-being at AU with room for improvement

A high degree of satisfaction with their degree programme, strong academic commitment and historically high levels of satisfaction with the physical study environment. These are some of the positive results of a university-wide survey of the study environment at Aarhus University. But challenges remain, such as stress and a desire for more…

2017.03.31 | Civil engineer

Return used glasses, plates and cutlery

Please remember to return used glasses, plates and cutlery when you borrow it from the canteen.

2017.03.28 | Civil engineer, Diplom engineer

Theft of bicycles, scooters and motorcycles at Navitas

Lately, we have experienced an increase in thefts of parked bicycles, scooters and motorcycles by the main entrance of Navitas.


Thu 25 May
08:00-23:59 | Navitas, Inge Lehmanns Gade
First Lego League Open European Championship 2017 atNavitas
The European Championship in LEGO league is taken place at Navitas in the weekend 25th to 28th of May. They expect 3000 participants and invited spectators. Consequently, there will be no teaching on May 26 and students access to Navitas will be restricted so no access to Navitas from the 25th to 28th both days included.