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Information for new students

We welcome the new MSc. degree students in Engineering

On this page, we will gather important information that you will need when starting your studies at Aarhus University. Commencement of studies for the next round of admissions will be January 2017.

Documentation for your application
If you haven't uploaded your diploma and/or other relevant documentation along with your Master's degree application, please do so as soon as possible.

Introduction event

On Friday January 20th 2017 from 10.30-14.00, you are invited to an introduction event for all new Master's degree students in Engineering.

It takes place at NAVITAS, Inge Lehmanns Gade 10, 8000 Aarhus C in the auditorium to your right when you enter via the main entrance (room 00.117)

See more detailed programme

We strongly encourage you to participate in the introduction event as you will receive practical and relevant information from the degree programme coordinator and the administrative staff!

Introduction for international students

If you are an international student, please be aware that the International Centre at Aarhus University organises a longer introduction programme for you.

Your first day with lessons

The semester starts on Monday 23th January 2017 which will be your first day with lessons. You will receive more information at the introduction event. 

Your timetable and daily life as a student

When the timetables are ready in January, you can find the timetables for the courses that you have registered for by following the link below.

You should expect to have courses, excercises and other study related activities almost every day between 8:00-16:15. In some cases, courses can be later than 16:15 depending on the teacher's schedule.

For some study programmes, teaching takes place at different locations. This means that you may have to commute between different addresses during the day. More information will follow at the introduction event.

Books and lists of books

At Stakbogladen  you can find lists of books for many of your courses if you are enrolled in Civil and Architectural Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering and Biomedical Engineering. Books can be ordered at Stakbogladen 

If you are enrolled in Biotechnology and Chemical Engineering or your course is not on the list, you can find information on literature in the course catalogue if you look up the specific course.

For further information about books, please contact your degree programme coordinator.  

Find your local bookstore

Navitas(Architectural and Mechanical Engineering):  Stakbogladen, Navitas, Inge Lehmanns Gade 10, 8000 Aarhus C, plan 3, lokale 03.103        

Katrinebjerg(Computer Engineering, Electrical engineering, Biomedical Enginering, Biotechnology and Chemical Engineering:  Stakbogladen, Nordre Ringgade 3, 8000 Aarhus C 





Aarhus University's insurance does not cover students or students' personal belongings. Therefore, we recommend that you take out an accident insurance covering you 24 hours. If you cause injury or damage to others or their property, you are personally liable for paying compensation unless you have taken out an insurance to cover such claims.

Course registration

Signing up for courses for the first semester
If you have just finished or are about to finish your Bachelor's degree at Aarhus University and have applied for enrolment in a MSc. in Engineering degree programme, you must sign up for courses for the spring semester between 1-7 November -  also if you haven't received a confirmation of enrolment yet. 

External applicants will be able to sign up for courses between 20-24 January.

Registration for courses generally
During the course registration period, you sign up for courses via the Student Self Service(STADS) log-in via Here, you can also always see which courses you are signed up for.

You will receive a notice on Black Board from the administration reminding you to sign up for courses. However, you are responsible for signing up within the given deadlines each semester. Please note that you cannot sign up for new courses after the deadline, and registrations are binding.

Course registration periods

Sign up for courses - 1 and 2 quarter: 1–7 May

Sign up for courses - 3 and 4 quarter: 1–7 November 

Read more about course registration

Contact persons

If you have questions in relation to course registration, timetables for courses or examinations, registration of exam results, exemptions or other administrative issues please contact the study administration.

If you want to talk to a student counsellor:

Degree programme coordinators

For each graduate engineering degree programme, a lecturer has been appointed degree programme coordinator. He or she has the academic responsibility for the degree programme.

You can contact your degree programme coordinator if you need guidance about the academic content of your degree programme, your course combination, options for study periods abroad, etc.

IT and self-service systems and the Student Self-Service (STADS) 

On you can: access your AU email, order a new student card, or apply for exemption, credit transfer, credit modules ect.

Through you can also access the Student Self-Service (STADS) where you can register for courses, check your registrations and exam results and much more.  

Blackboard–E-Learning platform

At Aarhus University, we use Blackboard for online course management.

Blackboard is used to communicate important information, as well as serving as a repository for course material and a forum for online learning and student activities. It is also here that you find your calendar and plans for lessons for all courses and groups.

Information concerning cancelled lessons/exams or that lessons/exams have been moved will also be communicated through Blackboard.

As a student, it is your responsibility to keep up-dated on all new information on Blackboard.




All new students automatically receive an AU email address. The University administration will use it to communicate important messages so it is important that you sign in regularly or set it up to forward to your private email adress. Read more about your AU email on the link below.

EDUROAM - Wireless internet

The university has a wireless internet which students can use free of charge.

Free software

Read more

Student card as your access card

As a student, you have access to most of the university within opening hours. Outside of opening hours, you have the opportunity to get access to some areas of the university with your student card if you have activated this function on your the card.

Student welfare at Aarhus University

Student life is great but it also includes challenges. To help you through these challenges, we have created to help you get the best out of your time here at Aarhus University. is your entrance to all the offers you can make use of if you want tools to help you improve your welfare or if you are simply looking for inspiration. Try some of the offers or find contact information for the people who are ready to help you.

    Please also feel free to contact our two student counsellors Birgitte Viborg and Anne-Mette Mikkelsen.

    371182 / i40