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Student identity card and access card

Student identity card
Your student card is your ID when you must document, that you are a student at Aarhus University.

It is particularly important that you bring your student id card to examinations.

In connection with your enrollment in a degree programme, you must upload a photo via and order a student id card.

If you loose your student id card and need a replacement, you must order a new one via

Your student card in itself does not document that you are still a student at Aarhus University. To document this, you need a confirmation of enrollment. You can print a copy of your confirmation of enrollment at 

It is a good idea to always carry your student card with an updated confirmation of enrollment.

Student identity card as access card

As a student, you can access Aarhus University everywhere during opening hours. Outside ordinary opening hours, you can access parts of the university with your student card, if it has been activated as an access card. You hold the card in front of the card reader/swipe it through the card reader and press your PIN code followed by #.

Please note

  • Your student card/access card is personal and may not be handed over to others.
  • You are not allowed to have more than one student card. If you register more than one student card as access card, the oldest or the card that is not used will be deleted from the access systems.
  • The access permission is valid for 1 year, after which you can apply for a renewal by filling in and submitting the online form again. You will receive a warning e-mail before your access permission expires.
  • The PIN code must not be 1234, four identical digits or start with 0 (zero).
  • Only AU students holding an access card are permitted to access the university outside opening hours.
  • Do not let other persons enter the buildings with your card.
  • The doors must not be blocked in that this will activate the alarm system and make it possible for unauthorized persons to enter. If a door is blocked, a high beeping sound will appear.
  • The access card can be used for selected study areas at Katrinebjerg and Navitas, see overview.
  • If your card is damaged or does not work, you must contact the local building services office to explain the problem. You must inform your name, student number, card number and telephone number. See contact box to the right.
  • If the card is lost, the card must be blocked at the the local building services office and you must order a new one via When you receive your new card, you must activate it as an access card again by filling in and submitting the online form.

You can activate your card as an access card by filling in and submitting the online form.

Normally, your card will be activated within 7 working days. You will not receive a confirmation of the activation. In connection with the start of term, it may take one to two weeks before your card is activated.

Access to special rooms
To access the laboratories, you must contact your teacher.

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