Bachelor's Project

Registration for Bachelor's Project


You register your BSc project just like course registration prior to the term in which you complete your project. You submit your project report no later than 15 January or 15 June.

A BSc project that has not been graded passed can be resubmitted for reassessment by agreement with your supervisor, but no later than 15 March or 15 August. During the period from the ordinary examination result until resubmission, your supervisor is not required to provide further supervision.

The Bachelor’s project counts as 10–20 ECTS credits and takes place during the third year of the Bachelor’s degree programme. In the Bachelor’s project, students demonstrate their ability to formulate, analyse and process subject-related issues within a defined academic topic. The Bachelor’s project must include a summary in English. The summary is included in the overall assessment of the student’s written expression skills in connection with the project.
The Bachelor’s project is assessed in accordance with the Danish 7-point marking scale with the participation of an external examiner appointed by the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education.

Information about Bachelor’s degree projects in your degree programme is available from your student counsellor or degree programme coordinator.

BSc Contract

Your BSc contract must be submitted no later than the opening date for course registration in the term before you take the first elective courses in your study programme. This means:

  • 1 May – if the first elective course is in autumn
  • 1 November – if the first elective course is in spring
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