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2014.06.11 | Molbio

Novel learning platform developed at AU

On the platform, teachers can upload written exam questions as well as questions for theoretical exercises to the students, who must then answer these online within a given period. In contrast to many existing systems based on multiple-choice questions, supports open-ended questions and answers, which to a large…

2013.12.02 | Students, Science and Technology

Warning against phishing emails

At the moment, Aarhus University is faced with a serious phishing problem and needs all staff and students’ help to fight it. You must NEVER share your username and/or password with others, not even to others at AU.

2013.09.05 | Science and Technology, Students

Limited access to Aarhus University Student Self Service (STADS)

The Aarhus University Student Self Service in STADS will be closed from 2 October to 23 October at 10.00 due to the conversion of study administration data from AU Herning (AUHE) and Aarhus University School of Engineering (ASE) to AU STADS. After the conversion, all studies administration data at AU will combined in one STADS, which, among other…

2013.09.05 | Science and Technology, Students

Registration for examination and checking previous examination registrations – note, the deadline period has been changed!

REMEMBER to check any examinations you have registered for in Q1 and Q2 in STADS self-service for students (http:\\ Please note, that the deadline period for checking examination registrations in this term has been moved, and is now from September 7 until September 15, including both days.

2013.07.29 | Students, Science and Technology

Do you have an NFIT email? Continue reading…

Aarhus University is gathering all students’ mailboxes in the common email system, Partly, to give teachers and the administration a single channel to communicate to all students and partly, to simplify the operation of student email.

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