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2015.01.12 | Science and Technology, Students

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2015.01.09 | Students


AU´s IT-systemer bliver løbende opdateret og vedligeholdt, men cirka én gang i kvartalet samles de vedligeholdelsesopgaver, som kræver at IT-systemerne tages ud af drift. Sådan et "servicevindue" gennemføres lørdag den 31. januar, hvor det som udgangspunkt ikke vil være muligt at anvende universitetets it-systemer.

2014.11.09 | Students

Master's day 2014

If you're an undergraduate student and you need inspiration, information or guidance about your choice of master's degree program me, you can attend the master's day

2014.11.09 | Science and Technology, Students

Novo Nordisk Innovation in Action

Ready to show your talent? Join our master student competition and solve a real case

2014.06.11 | Students

Novel learning platform developed at AU

On the platform, teachers can upload written exam questions as well as questions for theoretical exercises to the students, who must then answer these online within a given period. In contrast to many existing systems based on multiple-choice questions, supports open-ended questions and answers, which to a large…

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