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Student card

Your student card is your ID when you are at the university, or in other situations where you have to document that you are a student. Especially at your exams, the card is important for identification, and you can also use it in your spare time to get student discounts, for example in museums, at the cinema, etc. Your student ID card is also a key card, which provides access to buildings outside opening hours.

It is important that you get a personal student card when you begin at the university. You can only get a student card when you are enrolled as a student at AU, and thus have been assigned a personal student registration number. You will not be enrolled before having been accepted at AU.

How to find your student registration number

When your enrolment is in place and you have received your student registration number, you can find it on your Self-Service facility. You must log on to and continue to the STADS Self-Service facility.

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