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Examination complaints

The examination appeal must reach ST Studies Administration no later than fourteen days after publication of the examination result. Complaints received after the deadline are generally not processed.

You should discuss the subject of your appeal with the course coordinator before submitting your appeal.

It is your own responsibility to ensure that you have justified your appeal in order to give the University a good basis for making a decision. This means that you must submit a written account stating the reasons for the appeal. You must take special care when stating your reasons. It is a good idea to refer specifically to the course description including the specific objectives of the course.

Please note that a new assessment or examination may result in a lower mark.

The Examination Order is found here and in Danish here.

The appeal must be addressed to the dean of Science and Technology and be submitted to:

Tina Stenshøj
ST Studies Administration
Aarhus University
Ny Munkegade 120, 1520-127
DK-8000 Aarhus

 - you are also welcome to send the appeal by email to


You can find more guidelines for examination appeals below.

Appeals may be submitted about the following

  • The basis for examination (questions, assignments, etc.).
  • The examination process (the way the examination was held).
  • The assessment (mark).
  • Legal issues (breaches of ministerial orders and legislation).
  • Errors and irregularities during an examination (e.g. excessive noise or technical problems)

You may submit an appeal regarding both oral and written examinations.

What should you be aware of before you submit an appeal?

Your appeal may result in a lower mark. Your assessment following reassessment or reexamination may result in a lower mark. You cannot appeal the new mark.

Your appeal must be submitted no later than two weeks after publication of the assessment.

You are not anonymous when you submit an examination appeal appeal. People processing your case can see your name, etc. However, everyone connected to your case has a duty of confidentiality.

It is always a good idea to talk to your examiner about the assignment/assessment before submitting an appeal because he or she can clarify what has been emphasised in the assessment. However, you should be aware that the examiner is not obliged to provide feedback regarding your assessment.

If you have taken an oral examination, it is a good idea to write down as soon as possible what was said during the examination and also to keep any notes from your preparation time.

What normally happens when you appeal?

  • You submit your written appeal, stating reasons, no later than two weeks after the assessment is published. The deadline runs from the announced publication date at the earliest. It is your own responsibility to provide the university with adequate reasons for your appeal so it can be processed fairly.
  • The appeal must be addressed to the dean of Science and Technology and be submitted to:
    ST Studies Administration
    Aarhus University
    Att. Tina Stenshøj
    Ny Munkegade 120, 1520-127
    DK-8000 Aarhus
    or send by e-mail to:
  • When the appeal has been received, you will receive a confirmation of receipt.
  • We then forward the appeal to the assessors, who have two weeks to submit an opinion.
  • This opinion is forwarded to you, and you have one week to send comments to Mette Kofod Erichsen.
  • Aarhus University then makes a decision on the basis of the appeal, the opinion and your comments. There is no deadline for this decision, but it will be made as soon as possible.
  • The university may decide:
    • to make an offer of a new assessment (reassessment) by new assessors (only for written examinations)
    • to make an offer of a new examination (reexamination) by new assessors
    • not to find in favour of your appeal
  • You and the assessors will be informed of the decision.

It typically takes one to two months (July not included) to process an examination appeal.

Please note that a reassessment or reexamination may result in a lower mark.

Board of appeals

If you are not satisfied with the decision of your appeal, you can choose to refer the decision to a board of appeals. However, the board of appeals can only process academic issues and not legal aspects or questions concerning errors or irregularities during the examination.

You have a deadline of two weeks to appeal from the day you receive the decision. The same requirements as mentioned above (written application, reasons, etc.) apply to the appeal, which must also be addressed to the dean and submitted to Tina Stenshøj.

The board of appeals consists of two external examiners, a teacher who is entitled to act as an examiner and a student from the subject area concerned.

The board of appeals must make a decision no later than two months from receipt of the appeal (July not included), and you must be notified of the outcome as soon as possible.

The board of appeals makes one of the following decisions:

  • that you should be offered reassessment by new assessors – only for written examinations.
  • that you should be offered a reexamination by new assessors.
  • that your appeal is rejected.

Please be aware that acceptance of a reexamination or reassessment may result in a lower mark.

The decision of the board of appeals is final, which means that you cannot appeal further as far as the academic aspects of your appeal are concerned.

Legal issues

If you want to appeal legal issues in connection with the decision, i.e. whether the case was processed in accordance with relevant legislation, and whether the university’s opinion is within the legal framework established by legislation, the decision can be referred to the university, cf. section 48.

Any appeal must be received by the university no later than two weeks after you have been notified.

Appeals regarding legal issues must also be sent to Tina Stenshøj.

The university subsequently prepares a statement that you will have an opportunity to comment on prior to submitting the appeal and any comments you might have to the Danish Agency for Education and Research.

Questions and guidance

Tina Stenshøj


Phone: 9350 8137

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