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Student counselling

Students with academic insight acting as student counsellors

Who are we?

We are all trained counsellors and also students enrolled in the bachelor’s or master’s study programmes in Political Science, Social Science or Public Policy.

How can we help

We can offer guidance if you have questions regarding courses, rules and regulations, or the planning of your studies. E.g. questions regarding exams, study programmes, registration for courses, choice of courses, timetables, academic regulations, etc.  

Contact us

You can contact us via email or phone, or just come by during our office hours (you do not need to book a meeting in advance).

How to contact us

  • Phone: 87165242
  • Address: Bartholins Allé, building 1350, room 125

Find our office hours here.
All counsellors are bound by their duty of confidentiality. Everything you say will remain confidential.

Student counsellor
Christopher Kehlet Ebbrecht

Student counsellor
Kamilla Møller Christiansen

Student counsellor
Jeppe Lind Larsen

Student counsellor with a focus on well-being

Who am I?

My name is Julie Drejer Kornum and I am a trained counsellor. If you face problems of a more personal nature, you are welcome to contact me and in case that I am not able to help you, I can refer you to someone who can.

If you have problems regarding courses, rules and regulations I will refer to the abovementioned student counsellors.

How can I help you?

You can come to me for individual guidance sessions or if you need a process in which you can meet and talk to a student counsellor regularly for a longer period of time. The guidance sessions could e.g. focus on problems regarding completion, study delay, exam anxiety, doubts about choice of study, or problems of a more personal nature.
I am bound to professional secrecy which means that everything you tell me is confidential.

Contact information

Contact me at:
Please remember to state your full name, degree programme, student number, as well as a to add few lines about your problem.

Contact information

Wellfare counsellor
Julie Drejer Kornum



Study Counsellor's Office, Political Science
Bartholins Allé, building 1350, room 125
8000  Aarhus C.




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