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The information on this page is no longer valid. You will find information regarding exchange and internship abroad at your study portal.

News! Study abroad with Erasmus AGAIN

Now there is an opportunity for students to go abroad with Erasmus several times. Within the old Erasmus program you could study abroad with Erasmus only once in your lifetime.

Now you can study abroad for a maximum of 12 months at your Bachelor, a maximum of 12 months at your Master and a maximum of 12 months at Ph.d. level.

The Erasmus programme offers free study placements in other European countries. You can apply for an grant of approximately 250 euros per month while you study abroad. Find out more about the general conditions below:

What requirements must be met by Erasmus applicants?

  • You must have studied for at least one year, and sometimes up to three years, before going abroad. Check under your faculty what applies to you.
  • The period of study must earn credit and be counted as part of your studies at AU. To be eligible for an Erasmus grant you must have advance approval for a study position corresponding to at least 20 ECTS points per semester
  • The exchange must be for a period of between 3 and 12 months

Where can I go?

Erasmus agreements are faculty specific. This means that you study abroad under agreements your institute has established with other European universities. You can find the agreements your particular institute has established in the list of Erasmus agreements.

All agreements have a faculty coordinator at Aarhus University. You should speak to the coordinator if you have questions about the subjects covered by an agreement. It is also a good idea to contact the coordinator before you are determined about a specific destination. You need to have sorted out which destination would be relevant for you and the courses you would like to have.

33 European countries participate in Erasmus. NOTICE that you can not apply for an Erasmus grant when going to Greenland or Faroe Island.

Search for Erasmus agreements

What can I apply for?

You apply for both a free study place at a foreign university and an Erasmus grant at the same time. The size of the grant varies from year to year, but is approx. 250 euros per month.

When and how should I apply?

The deadline is 1st December for the entire subsequent academic year. In other words, you need to apply by 1st December even if you are only travelling the following spring.

The deadline is 15 September for any extra study spots and grant funds from round one.

Please note that you can only select universities which your institute has an agreement with. You are required to submit an pre-approval for the subjects you wish to take at the host university. This pre-approval is required to ensure that your study period abroad can be included as an integrated part of your studies at AU.

Your submitted application must include:

  • Application form
  • Pre-approval (Apply on the Self Service)
  • Academice transcript (from Self Service)

Applications should be sent to:

Trine Høj Eriksen

Internationalt Center
Høegh-Guldbergs gade 4, Bygning 1650

8000 Århus C

When and how will I get an answer to my application?

 1) Study place

Following the application deadline, the study places will be assigned by the agreement coordinators. You can expect an answer to your application within 5 weeks from deadline.

It is the duty of your coordinator to notify the foreign university that you have been nominated to a study place. You must apply for final admission to the university yourself.

The host university will normally send you a letter confirming your admission and containing information about courses, accommodation, etc. However, practices among foreign universities vary greatly with respect to accommodation referral and other services provided to Erasmus students. You should direct enquiries to your coordinator, who is the person most familiar with the host university.

Please note that the International Centre does usually not have contact with your host university, only your coordinator or you yourself.

2) The grant

You will receive a contract email from the International Centre prior to commencing studies abroad. Be sure, therefore, to notify the centre if you change e-mail address.

State Education Grant (SU) on exchange 

You can receive SU (State Education Grant) while abroad. You must therefore remember to submit a copy of the pre-approval and confirmation of your admission to the foreign university to the SU office.

Upon return

When you return home you must submit a signed Confirmation of Enrolment, a completed evaluation form, a copy of the final Learning Agreement, and documentation for any language courses taken.

Learning agreement

Confirmation of Enrolment

Evaluation form

The forms must be sent to


Internationalt Center
Høegh-Guldbergs gade 4, Bygning 1650

8000 Århus C
Telephone: 8715 0220

Åbningstid: mandag - fredag 10 - 14

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