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Study abroad periods and study abroad scholarships

If you are studying for a degree at a Danish educational institution, you are able to take your SU with you during periods of studying abroad. You must then update your residence condition. REMEMBER to submit a copy of your preliminary approval and letter of admission/internship agreement to the Danish Students’ Grants and Loans Scheme Office. Read more about Scholarships for study abroad.

Study abroad scholarship

If you are going to study abroad, in addition to your SU you can apply for a study abroad scholarship for up to two years. The scholarship covers the tuition fees/study fees either in part or in full for some foreign study programmes. You can apply for the study abroad scholarship for a period of study or entire degree programmes at Master’s degree level abroad starting on 1 July 2008 or later. Thus, you can apply for a study abroad scholarship for a study abroad period on a Bachelor’s degree programme which you have already started, but the study abroad period must not start until 1 July 2008 or later.

What is the study abroad scholarship awarded for?

You can receive a study abroad scholarship for foreign higher education degree programmes for which tuition fees/study fees are payable.

You can apply for a scholarship for:

  1. Credit-bearing study abroad periods as part of your study programme at a Danish educational institution. You are only entitled to a study abroad scholarship for study abroad periods if your Danish educational institution will grant you a full credit transfer for your period of study abroad. This must be approved in advance and before starting the study abroad period. When applying, you must use this form. You must enclose a preliminary approval of the subjects you plan to study abroad as well as course descriptions and an invoice from your host university stating the tuition fees/study fees payable. You can also enclose a receipt if you already have paid. You cannot use the study abroad scholarship to meet expenses other than the tuition fees/study fees.
  2. Full degree programmes at Master’s degree level abroad lasting up to two years. To receive a study abroad scholarship for a full study programme at Master’s degree level, the study programme must be approved for SU funding. The programme must be equivalent to between 60 and 120 ECTS credits. You will not receive a Master’s degree from Aarhus University.

To receive a study abroad scholarship, you must be admitted to a foreign study programme. You must submit the application yourself as admission is independent of your application for a study abroad scholarship. In addition, you also need to have paid a tuition fee/study fee to receive a study abroad scholarship.

Please note that there are different rules for study abroad periods and full degree programmes at Master’s degree level.

Please also note that the deadline for applying for a study abroad scholarship is the last day of the period for which you are applying for a study abroad scholarship.

It usually takes six to eight weeks for your application to be processed.

For further information about study abroad scholarships, visit

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